The Leisure Owners Association (LOA) was formed in late 1982 to represent the interests of  Leisure yacht owners and to provide a forum where members could exchange ideas about sailing, maintenance etc.

Association of Volunteers
The Association is managed by a committee of volunteers. Funds such as membership fees, are used solely to administer, sustain and improve the experience of LOA membership.  

A flourishing club also operates in the Netherlands and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2002. They have their own web site.

The aims of the LOA are:

  • Provide a forum for members to communicate with each other.
  • Publish a regular club magazine - "Saltings"
  • Provide a technical reference library
  • Make available technical expertise via a live discussion Forum
  • Provide access to spare parts and mouldings
  • Encourage sailing and social events

You need not own a Leisure!
Although most members of the Association own Leisure yachts, it is not a pre-requisite of membership. Neither does your yacht have to be a 'Leisure' yacht. Indeed you do not have to be a boat owner to be a member! 

We have a few members who have sold their Leisure for bigger yachts, but continue with the Association because of the friends they have made. Others have retired from sailing, but stay in the Association to pass on their knowledge.

Technical Support
The majority of members join to avail themselves of the wide ranging technical support that is available. Leisure yachts are now quite old and the boat builders have long since ceased trading.

Wealth of Expertise
To have access to a wealth of expertise and to be able to share issues and solutions with fellow members is of great benefit, especially to new owners looking to restore and properly maintain their yacht or incorporate modifications.

Spare Parts
For many years the Association has been investing in patterns and moulds for yacht parts that occasionally get damaged, or fail. We can supply new rudders, skegs and a range of other mouldings for many of the Leisure yachts.

We also produce other parts, tillers, tiller heads, rudder bearings and skeg shoes (pintles). By producing and stocking parts in quantity, costs can be kept down and members avoid the difficulty and high cost of sourcing specialist parts.

Saltings Magazine
Three times a year the Association publishes a journal "Saltings",  which includes details of sailing events, repair and maintenance tips, cruises undertaken by members and items of general interest to Leisure owners, not forgetting those sailing yarns we all like to tell, in the bar, after a good day on the water!

Click the link for a sample copy of Saltings in PDF format .

Rallies and Events
Some of the regions organise sailing events each summer.

Discussion Forum and Technical Library
Members who live away from the main UK sailing centres, live abroad or who cannot travel easily to rallies and meetings, can participate through the Saltings Magazine and of course our on-line facilities - the Discussion Forum,  Technical Library etc.

£10 one time fee
All this is provided for a modest lifetime joining fee (currently £10). There is no recurring annual subscription. New members may join on-line. Go to the joining page and follow the instructions you will find there.

In case of difficulty or to obtain more details about any aspect of the Association's activities, or about membership, please contact the Administrator Colin Shead +44 (0) 1376 514243.