Welcome to members of our sister organisation - the Leisure Club Holland

The Leisure Owners Association is very pleased to be able to offer you a complimentary membership. Please simply e-mail your full name to the Administrator(administrator@leisureowners.org.uk), who will validate your Leisure Club Holland membership, and provide registration instruction

Joining the Discussion Forum

If you would like to join our discussion forum, please simply complete the on-line registration form. The forum is in English, but the page layout (menu items etc.) can be set to be in the Dutch language. Family members may also join the forum.

After registration do not proceed to payment but simply send an e-mail to the webmaster at  requesting that your Forum Account be authorised. Your registration will be checked by the system administrator against the current membership list of the Leisure Club Holland, and will be not be authorised if you are not a current member. Authorisation is normally within 24 hours, though may take a few days if the Administrator is not available.