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Haven Knox-Johnston

Association Member

Discount Supplier

Haven Knox-Johnston are offering a 10% discount on their premiums (and no condition survey required on up to 20 year old boats and FREE racing cover on Leisure's up to and including the L23/L23SL). More details on the web site or e-mail Haven Knox-Johnson.

Note: Discounts are only available by phone, not through the web site.

Tel +44 (0) 01732 223 600 or  Fax +44 (0) 01732 223 601

GJW Direct

Pleasure Craft Insurers

GJW Direct are the UK’s Largest Direct Boat Insurers and we offer competitive terms to members of the Leisure Owners Association.

Survey is not required until the boat is 30 years old and then we may only require an ‘owners report’

More information available on the GJW web site