How to Use the Marketplace

The Marketplace may be used by both Members and non Members to buy/sell Leisure Yachts or Equipment. The Marketplace is a dedicated area on our Discussion Forum, that is open to the public, as well as to members.

Association members (who have a Discussion Forum account) can simply post their own adverts, that must conform please to the Marketplace Rules. If you are an Association member, but don't yet have a Discussion Forum account, you can register here to have an account.

Non members may e-mail adverts to the Administrator, who will post adverts on their behalf.


Please Note: you do not need to have an account, or log-in to the forum to see the adverts; just click on the relevant heading links of 'Yachts for Sale and Wanted' forum. Each advert is a new topic within the relevant sub forum.

Want to be notified when new adverts are placed ?

  • If you have a forum account ? - go right ahead, login and subscribe to the forums and topics you are interested in.

Prospective Owner ? - want to talk to an existing owner about the yacht type ? - See our Yacht Representatives page for contact details.


  • Members and Non-Members of the Association can place an advert on the Association web site.
  • Already got a forum account ? - go right ahead, login and place your advert yourself on the appropriate forum, otherwise e-mail the advert to the Administrator.

Please, before submission, read our 'Advice to Sellers' topic on the Marketplace forums for details of how to place adverts and respond to enquiries.

Please also note:

  • Adverts should be deleted when the yacht or equipment is sold, and will in any case be removed after 6 months unless you advise the Webmaster that you wish it to be continued.
  • Adverts will not be approved, and may be deleted or edited, unless they conform to the Association Forum Rules.

Need Assistance, or have difficulty placing your own advert ?

Please contact the Administrator.