Why should I Join, what are the benefits ?

New Leisure 17 Main Hatch & Leisure 23 SkegNew Leisure 17 Main Hatch & Leisure 23 Skeg

The benefits of joining are many. Perhaps the most important is that it gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, experience and help concerning all models of Leisure yachts. Much of this knowledge is already on file, in the form of magazine and reference library articles, including a growing range of owners manuals. The Association magazine, 'Saltings', is currently published three times a year; and contains both sailing and technical articles written by the membership, as well as news and other material of interest. Apart from these sources, advice and help is available on our Discussion Forum, or by e-mail or phone call.

  • Spare mouldings and other parts, invaluable since Leisure yachts have been long out of production, are also available.
  • In some areas local area organisers run rallies and social events, which invariably are convivial affairs……
  • The Leisure Owners Association is open to all. Anyone who owns a Leisure Yacht, or who is interested in promoting the interests of the Association, may join as an ordinary member.
  • A specially designed Leisure Owners pennant is available to members.

Lifetime Membership

In exchange for the joining fee (currently £10) you will be granted a Lifetime Membership. There are no annual subscriptions. Your membership will continue as long as you login into the Association Discussion Forum at least once a year, otherwise it will automatically cease. All the Association information resources including owners manuals, reference library and Saltings are now only available from the Discussion Forum.

How do I Join ?

Please simply click on the 'Join Now' button and follow the instructions you will find there.

Click to go to the on-line application formJoining fees must be paid on-line, this reduces the amount of secretarial work that has to be done by the Association. Any queries about applying for membership, or in case of difficulty, please refer to the Administrator or by phone at +44 (0) 1376 514243.

Members agree to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the Association.

Spare Mouldings & Parts

New forward hatch for a Leisure 23SLThrough our supplier Hurst Marine we can supply many types of new mouldings and  parts

Association Pennant

Sewn Association PennantSmarten up your boat, fly the Association pennant which is in the 'Leisure' colours of blue and orange

Discussion Forum

As a member you will be able to login to the Discussion ForumAccess our library, including some owners handbooks, and lots of other material on our forum

Local Events

Rallies are always convivial eventsIn some regions local contacts organise events such as rallies, which are always very enjoyable