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Bilge Keel Trailer on facebook

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Anne Dales
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Name: Anne Dales
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Bilge Keel Trailer on facebook

Post by Anne Dales » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:15 pm

I am NOT the seller, but I saw this on Yachts and Yachty bits facebook page for sale, and thought for once it looked a decent trailer in reasonable condition. Not sure if anyone is looking,, but it has apparently transported a Hurley 22.
it may be OK for a 22 or possibly a 23 ? It appears to be an older SBS trailer.
Here's the text - there are pictures on the Facebook page.:

Trailer for bilge keel yacht - max width over keels 6 ft. Recently overhauled and serviced.

Serial No: 0693 6500 (or 650D)
Unladen Weight: 580 kgs
Max Gross Load: 3000 kgs
Axle Ref: P/15/84/64
Exeter, Devon
Recent overhaul and service
New brake shoes and cables for all wheels
2 new, unused tyres and 2 (+spare) almost so
New steering damper shock absorber
2 sets auto reverse brake shoes
All bearings checked, greased and adjusted.
No evidence that trailer has ever been immersed
Includes lighting board
Trailer is in my drive near Exeter, if any queries please contact me at or on 0788 543 8515